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Shipping & Returns

Shipping policy

1. Your order is usually despatched within 12 hours by Fedex,DHL,EMS

2. you can share the best discount in our website, no matter how many items you purchase in your order.

3. We cannot deliver your order to a P.O. Box address, so please make sure that you have given us a street address.

Return Policy

Our aim is to offer you the super quality products and guarantee 100% satisfaction of our items. We are fully confident you will be pleased with your product and the speed and quality of service. We understand that each client's needs are unique, so we are ready to deal with any problems that arise.

1. We accept returns for exchange or refund for the following reasons: shipping errors, damaged goods.

2. If you need to return any items, please make sure the items unused.

* Please also keep all labels and tags on items too. Otherwise, the returned items will not be accepted. You have 30 days to do so.

* You will have to pay for return postage and you must obtain a certificate of posting from the post office. This certificate is free of charge.

* If the items are returned in the same condition as you received them then you will be fully refunded the cost of the items.

* Unfortunately we cannot refund the shipping postage and your return postage.

3. Please insure your return. We are not responsible for returned shipping damages.

4. Please E-mail all returns request back . Please choose "Returns" as a subject. In the message you need to state:

* Your order number

* Item(s) you want to return

* The reason you want to make a return.

* Tracking numbers after your product has been sent out

* Our customer service will send you a "Return Form" when we receive your email.

* Please fill the form and send it back together with your returned packages.
5. Product Exchange: you may exchange your product for any other product in the website for equal or lesser value. Or we can give your 5% discount refund.

* If exchanged for a lesser value item the remaining balance will be refunded to your card.

6. It should be emphasized that if you are unable to return or exchange the products within 30 days of receipt, request will not be entertained.

7. Kindly remind, before you return the items, Please Contact Us.

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